Independent Pledges

March 31, 2019 8:37 am

1. No Council Tax increases
Despite Conservative Govt cuts to our central grants we will work hard to maintain our pledge to keep your Council Tax down.

2. Zero tolerance to Anti-Social behaviour
Anti-social behaviour will NOT be tolerated. Stiff penalties will be applied to those that abuse what the majority of us see as common decency and they will be punished using the Councils PSPO powers.

3. Mansfield Homes
We will continue to invest across Mansfield & Warsop and build homes to suit everyone and that investment will in turn create an income to build even more homes. A win for everyone.

4. Festival Town
The Council will develop a master plan to remove all the barriers that are preventing those who want to organise events across Mansfield & Warsop that benefit us all.

5. Glass Collection
Despite the Conservative controlled County Council’s refusal to support glass collections from your home, we will introduce collections. We care about our environment.

6. Over 55’s Retirement Homes
An Independent Forum led Council will build more retirement homes to enable our senior citizens to enjoy a quality of life that their hard work deserves.

7. Keep Fit and Healthy
If you make a pledge to achieve a target weight loss then upon success the Council will provide you with £200 of entertainment and leisure vouchers. T&C will apply

8. Homeless Support
We will create 30 warden-controlled bed sit style units for short term use whilst we assist those who are vulnerable across Mansfield & Warsop to get back on their feet.

9. Mansfield & Warsop First
An Independent Forum led Council will ensure that local residents will enjoy a £1 reduction at all the Council’s entertainment and leisure facilities. T&C will apply

10.  NO “Super Council”
The Independent Forum will vote down and STOP the Conservatives plans to abolish our Council, which would mean cutting services in the process, just to fund a Notts “Super Council”.

The real power to bring change to Mansfield & Warsop sits with a Mansfield Independent Forum directly elected Executive Mayor. These 10 election pledges can all be delivered by Mansfield District Council led by and Independent Mayor. They are not empty promises subject to Government funding.